Sunday, 4 July 2010

More Felt - Pin Cushions this time!

I am loving felt at the moment. It is just so easy and quick to work with. I again used my cricut cartridges to make templates for my pin cushions.

They are just so damn cute. I will need to make more. I intend to make a Hello Kitty one next - ooer hark at me and my ambitions lol.



Saturday, 3 July 2010

Felt Creations - Keyrings

I made these super cute felt key rings after seeing the inspiration of the owl which is the fourth picture you can see. I got this as part of a kit from paper & string. It was so easy to make and it took no time at all.

I decided to make my own designs. I used my cricut to make templates for my key rings. Can you guess which cartridges?

I absolutely love these.


Project Tuesday

I loved making this fries holder. It is just so easy and very, very cute. I thought I would make mine ultra girly. I am so pleased with the result.