Thursday, 31 December 2009

Passion for Papertrey Star Challenge

I made this box with my new pink cricut. I cut it from the pink journey cartridge. I used raspberry fizz and black as a homage to my cricut.

I love the contrast of the two colours. I used my star prints set from PTI. I decided to stamp the star on black cardstock with fresh snow ink. I love the monochromatic look of this.

Cardstock: Pure Black and Raspberry Fizz, white
Stamp Set: Star Prints, polka dot basics II
Misc: twine, star punch, fresh snow ink, hibiscus burst ink, cricut
If you want to know anything else just let me know.


Project Tuesday

I am not a scrapper so I modified this project into a Birthday book. This is my aim to try and remember ALL family and friends birthdays.

I am not sure how successful it will be but hey I will give it a try.

I have yet to add in the months onto each tab. I will do that later and post it to show you all.

There is a tag for each person which will fit in the pocket (fingers crossed)


Look what Santa left

Oh I am so excited ...... and I definitely can't hide it lol.

I got this for my Christmas but it only arrived today. I was so glad to see that delivery guy. I have used it a few times in the few hours I have had it. LOVE it. :D

This has made whats left of my year.


Monday, 28 December 2009

Project Tuesday card box

I loved making this project. It was so easy to do and the results are very satisfying. Love this for note card sets.

Watch this blog for other versions of this project.


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Pressie for Colleague

I wanted to package this present really nicely for my colleague at work. She helps me out so much so I just wanted to say a little thank you. I got the little box in November when my kind friend went to San Francisco and brought back a PTI order - I adore my friend for this. I just need to find someone who goes out every month and I am sorted lol.

Anyway I kept the decor simple using my Stampin up paper which I love. I wish I had got more before it was retired. Anyway I also added a bit of SU ribbon. I cut out the circle and scallops on my cricut and stamped the cute little reindeer from a Su set.

Inside are covered Hershey's miniatures and gorgeous tree earrings made my my very talented friend. She makes the most gorgeous jewellery.


Let it snow!

We have had so much snow! I can't believe we have had so much. I have not seen snow like this since I was a child! Which I grant you was only a few (ahem) years ago lol.

My dad and I were caught in a blizzard on the road to Ikea on Saturday and it took us almost 3 hours to get home. I was so scared! It was 30mph the whole way home. Most of the time the road was not visible. I could have kissed the ground when I got home!


Stamp with Us Challenge

I made this cookie mix in a jar for a work colleague. I decorated it using stampin up supplies. This is an American idea I saw on you tube. I changed the recipe to suit UK measurements. If anyone wants the recipe or directions just leave a message and your email addy and I will send them on to you.


retired DP - not sure what it was called (oops)
Real red grosgrain ribbon
Sparkly and Bright stamp set (LOVE this)
real red and green cardstock - SU
I think the cream is naturals ivory?
Old olive striped ribbon
Chocolate chip ink pad, old olive ink pad

Think thats all I used. Fingers crossed lol.


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

YET MORE Christmas cards!

Next year if I say I am going to make my own Christmas cards can someone please tell me not to be so stupid. I have come up with so many different designs.

Its been a disaster upon disaster this year. Dad losing the ones I made him. He finds them again. He then tells me he needs more grrrrr.

Anyway during all this I forgot to make more of my own version. Since this would take too much time I made up easier cards to do.

I managed to do most of the cards tonight. I think I am going to have to make some more but at least its just making them not the coming up with ideas.

My ideas have kinds of a dried up. I need my holidays. Never mind next Tuesday - Woo hoo then.


More boxes for presents

I had made these boxes at the same time I posted the first one but I couldn't find any more green and blacks chocolate from Poundland :(

Therefore I had to rethink my contents. When I was in Marks and Spencer today I saw festive Percy pigs and thought they would be fab in the boxes. Hey presto a few boxes were filled. I also got some nougat when I was in Markies. That's what the silver parcels are in the other box.

They are topped off with an acetate top and a bit of SU ribbon. This of you who know what a PTI freak (fan! whichever word you prefer lol) will be shocked its not a PTI ribbon. I just wanted to prove I do have other ribbon lol.


Papertrey Ink Box

I made this cute little box using a template from PTI. I only had a short time to play so its not as great as it could be but hey its a start. I am so chuffed it'll be great for little gifts.


Day off!!!!

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO I got in to work this morning to be told we were being sent home! I am so chuffed. I am going to enjoy today!


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Cute Little Gift Box

I made this using my scorpal. I saw a tutorial for a tag box in split coast stampers. I modified it slightly and came up with a box which fits green and blacks chocolate bars brilliantly.
I covered the chocolate with nice chrismassy 12 x 12 paper.

The lid is made out of acetate and I added ribbon to be a little bit fancier.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Pizza Boxes and matching Cards

I made these cute pizza boxes and matching cards to sell at my schools Christmas Musical Extravaganza. I only made 5 and sold 4 of them. Its the first time I have done anything like this so I am very chuffed. :)

Each pizza box has 4 matching cards and envelopes. I didn't want to add too many pics so I have not shown all cards.

Hope you love these as much as I do.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Holidays are coming!

I put my Christmas tree up today. I decided to change my decorations after inspiration from my night out on Friday night.

I saw a tree with white lights and red decs. So since my curtains are red in my living room this is a perfect colour choice. Only drawback was that I didn't have any red decorations. So I went to lunch with my dad and he bought me a pack from Next. They are fab - so much glitter. Love it.

I also put my old decs on as long as they matched the colour scheme lol.


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Passion for Papertrey Christmas Trees

I used my new stamp set from PTI called ???????? will check and add in the name later. Anyway there is a cute little tree in the set. I cut my circle and scallops on my cricut and everything else was PTi cardstock, ribbon and ink and buttons.

I am pleased how this turned out as I didn't have a clue where I was going with it lol

. Lesley

Saturday, 28 November 2009

A mystery has been solved

Now those of you who keenly watch my blog will know about cardgate! Well for those who don't I lost the cards I had painstakingly made for my dad to send out. I searched everywhere and could not find them. I asked my dad and he didn't have them.

Well while I was at the class earlier today my dad phoned to let me know that ........ gasp .......

He has found said cards in his house!!! after making me panic for such a long time he has bothered to look! Grrrrrrr. Anyway all is well and they are safe and sound. BUT dad did say he wanted another 20 aaarggghhh lol.


Cute candy canes

I got the idea for these from Youtube. I think they just make the candy canes so cute. Instead of being a humble candy cane they look good enough to give as a small gift. In my opinion anyway. If you listen carefully you can hear all my friends groaning at the thought lol.


First ever Scor-Pal class

I went to Fee's fab shop again today. I was there for a Scor-Pal class. I have not really been interested in a Scor-Pal before now but I bought one after the class. Boy am I loving it. It scores paper beautifully and is such a crisp finish. FABBY!!

I made this gorgeous box at the class and after Fee showed me how to make the pizza box. I had an absolute ball at the class.

There were what another friend of mine would call Vampires there (people who suck away all your energy - just in case you couldn't guess lol). Fee was soooooo patient with them. Apart from the vamps I got to hang out with Fee, Izzy and Val after the class. I think these three women are just fab and I always leave with a huge smile on my face and loads of inspiration running round my head.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Cute Little Notebooks

I was at a craft fair at a primary school earlier tonight. I sold out of my Hello Kitty bookmarks. Will need to make more of them.

While I was there I made these cute little notebooks.

I am loving my new SU stamp set.

I think the hall of the school is now covered in glitter lol.


Project Tuesday Post it Note holder

I made this on Tuesday but have not had the chance to actually do anything with it yet. I have kept it very simple. I may add an image but I will do that when I have more time! Whenever that will be lol.


Monday, 23 November 2009

New Design for Dad's Cards

I have finally come up with a new design for my dad's Christmas cards after cardgate when I lost them - DOH!

I was playing about with a design for my ATC card at Passion for Papertrey. I liked it so I modified it slightly to come up with dad's card. I got the paper and stamp at Fee's shop on Sunday. I was dropping off her PTI order.

Project Tuesday Box

This is my third box. The other two were a disaster area. I used my new punch I got with my PTI my friend picked up from the States while she was there. It is made with PTI cardstock and matching paper.

Inside I have wrapped Hershey's miniatures in SU paper.

I could not fit in a tab and when I tried them with the other boxes they looked really messy. Any suggestions are welcome. So instead I tied some Su linen thread.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Snowman Poop

I got this idea from another blog but I can't remember which one. I apologise to whoever gave me the inspiration cause I have forgotten.

This is just mini marshmallows with a poem on the front.

Snowman Soup

I made this cute Snowman Soup after seeing it on a fab blog - Chic-n-Scratch. This is a great project and is super easy to make. I am going to take these to a craft fair on Saturday. I think they have the novelty factor and should do well.Fingers crossed.
Contents: Hot chocolate sachet, 10 mini marshmallows, 2 mini candy canes.



Monday, 16 November 2009

Cute little Box

I used my cricut again to cut this cute little bag out. I love my cricut. I am coveting one of the new pink cricut ones. Anyone who wins the lottery and is feeling generous can send one my way lol. Only kidding I will save my pennies like everyone else out there.

I used one of the scallops I made for the paperclips. I think it looks so cute on front of the box. I have left it quite plain apart from that.

Cookie Monster Bookmarks

This is another bookmark I made. I have actually made more than 1 but I thought seeing one would be enough lol.

I used my cricut to cut the face. I think it is just so cute. I need to make some more characters and I will post them as soon as I get the chance to make them.
Can't wait to hear what you think!

Tart and tangy Bookmarks

I made these after seeing great inspiration from Emma and Mandy. I saw these done on Youtube ages ago but never attempted them. I didn't think I had a big enough paperclip. But after seeing these ladies blogs I gave them a try and I am so impressed.

I made these using the Tart and tangy stamp set from Stampin Up. Love this set!

The cardstock is from Papertrey Ink. I cut the circles and scallops using my cricut.

I hope to take them to a craft fayre on Saturday.

I would love to hear what you think!