Saturday, 28 November 2009

First ever Scor-Pal class

I went to Fee's fab shop again today. I was there for a Scor-Pal class. I have not really been interested in a Scor-Pal before now but I bought one after the class. Boy am I loving it. It scores paper beautifully and is such a crisp finish. FABBY!!

I made this gorgeous box at the class and after Fee showed me how to make the pizza box. I had an absolute ball at the class.

There were what another friend of mine would call Vampires there (people who suck away all your energy - just in case you couldn't guess lol). Fee was soooooo patient with them. Apart from the vamps I got to hang out with Fee, Izzy and Val after the class. I think these three women are just fab and I always leave with a huge smile on my face and loads of inspiration running round my head.


  1. How cool you got to play and then own a Scor-Pal. I am the creator of Scor-Pal and am thrilled when I hear such exciting news. Happy Scoring,

  2. BTW, your boxes are fabulous,,,,Diana

  3. Whooohoo Lesley you made a fantastic job of the box and I'm so pleased Diana saw it and commented on your boxes. Now you have your Scor-pal there will be no stopping you LOL.


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