Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sympathy Card for Gayle's Gran

My friend had a bad day today as her gran died in the early afternoon. I feel so sad for her. She has had a bad run of things lately.

So I made a card we can send to her from work. I needed to make a bigger card so I used a whole sheet of cardstock which I folded in half. I chose green as an accent colour because its Gayle's favourite colour. I was unsure how to proceed with this card. I like the images from Turning a new leaf but I don't have that set - yet! So I decided to use the CHA set instead.

I am pleased with the result which looks pretty without being too garish. Hopefully I have struck the right balance.

Anyway any questions just ask




  1. Very pretty and appropriate card for the situation. I know your friend will appreciate it.

  2. I think you have chosen well for the occasion. Loved the choice of colours.

  3. How sad. But this is such a lovely card.

  4. I think the card is perfect. That is not an easy thing to have to make.


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