Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I made scones tonight for the first time since high school. Mind you that was only a few years ago (ahem - I am blushing as I type this lol).

Anyway I got a recipe from the BBC website. Its actually a Paul Hollywood (great name) recipe. If you search on YouTube for Paul Hollywood scone recipe it should come up. If not if you put it in a search engine it definitely does.

Anyway this is a great recipe. Very easy to follow and great results. The only word of warning I will give you is that I did not use all of the milk. The first batch I did use all the milk but it was almost a batter lol so I added more flour. Second time I left out some milk. Either way both batches turned out great.

If you look closely at the last picture I think it looks like the scone is smiling! Maybe I am delirious but I think its kind of funny :D

Any questions let me know.



  1. I'm not a scone maker but am impressed by yours - well done.

  2. Mmm - love scones! Did you eat them with some jam? Yummy!

  3. Lesley how about making me a batch and sending it over! Love scones! TFS


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