Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Banana and Choc Chip Muffins

I had some bananas which had gone brown very quickly. I saw this on a fab blog written by Angie.

She has the best cooking and baking videos. I found this recipe very easy to follow and the results very yummy. There were 12 to start with but my dad had to try two just to make sure the first taste was right lol. So thank you Angie these were fab.



  1. Yum....who can blame your dad for having to try a couple, they look delicious. I am really enjoying being at home over the school hols, lots of time for baking and crafting. Will go check out Angie's blog!!


  2. Thanks for trying the recipe, Lesley! Glad you and Dad liked them (they are not as sweet as store bought so some people aren't used to that) but my kids adore them. I'm sorry I didn't have the metric measurements (even though we are metric in Canada the recipe was in imperial) but I'm sure you can google a conversion chart on the net. Just keep to one method of measurement for the entire recipe. Anyway, looks like you figured it out and they turned out terrific looking! Well done...

  3. I'm hungry :(

    LOL they look delish Lesley!

    Steph x


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