Friday, 31 July 2009

My Cats

This is a picture of my 3 cats. Two are Siamese and the other 1 is a Balinese. The Siamese are Chico and Lily who are 3 in December and are also brother and sister. Molly will be two in December and is from Wales.

This first picture is of the cats on my bed. Unmade but it was such a cute pic I could not disturb them. My excuse lol! Lily is the one on the right (she is just about to yawn she is actually a very pretty cat normally). Chico is the one at the back. He is the biggest of the 3 but is a big softie. Molly is the one on the right - she is the boss of the three.

Lily is making another face in this picture. She looks like she is pretending to be a pirate. Chico is pretending to be shy - don't be fooled.

This is just a cute pic. They are all so cute lying together. Although Molly looks like she is wondering what on earth is going on.

So these are the trouble makers of the house. They like to charge around the house when I am trying to get to sleep.

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