Monday, 24 August 2009

A Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

Sorry for pinching your song title idea Emma but the song just popped into my head when I was writing this post! Can anyone remember the song. So quirky I love it! I am off to Itunes after this lol.

I love this template for the birdhouse. It is so easy to do and looks absolutely fab. I love it. I have not made envelopes this time. I am being mean with my designer paper from Stampin up. I love it too much to use it. I so need to order more and also other colours. Oh how I wish I had more pennies! lol
I would love to hear if you think this is cute cause I ADORE it!


  1. Say I'm the only bee in your bonnett - they might be giants - a classic lol! and I totally agree with you they are amazing - they have such a wow factor - great work Lesley.

    I am going to see a man about some papers who would be more than happy to sort you out when you're ready (wink, wink, nudge, nudge);D LOL!

    Night, night :D

    Emma x

  2. How gorgeous!!! I love the house..too cute...lots of lovely ribbon on your cards lately...


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